Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reality Check: We need help

So, having done a farm update, it's time to do an update on our lives since we're in transition. Why is this post covered in art rather than homestead photos? A lot of the transition focuses on the Lady of the House. The major information. The Lady of the House is 32 weeks pregnant, getting on towards 33 weeks pregnant. Her layoff from her job of 3 years is today, and no one will hire a 33 week pregnant person. Combine that with me having been laid off from one of my jobs a month ago, and we're in trouble, like take home below mortgage per month, before gas and food. Read below to see how you can help us.

This comes back to why I'm using the Lady of the House's art. Since we've lost a bit over 50% of our income, she's going to be focusing on her art business in the next month. All of the pictures you're seeing here are her art, and all of them have prints available. Her web page is and you can see some of her art there. It also has her contact information so you can e-mail for commissions and prints. She makes the most on prints, and we do ship.

You can also go to her Etsy where you can purchase through there, including most of her prints and even purchase custom pet portraits or other custom art of other types, such as tattoo design. If you want bigger paintings I'd just contact her through her website.  She also has a Facebook where you can like and share her posts and see what's on the drawing table.

The other place you can get things with her art is the least profitable, but it does have some cool things. She has a Zazzle Store, with all sorts of interesting and fun little things you can get ranging from boxes to ipad covers and beyond. If you click through the referral link here, and above, she will make an additional 15% of the final purchase, on anything coming in through that link, including from other stores.

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

As I said that's the least beneficial of them, but it has the widest selection of interesting products. We'd also love to have you share that and if you buy through Zazzle get there through that referral link since it's good to get residual income. Especially once the Lady of the House gives birth, and can't do work for at least a month of any kind, especially not art which requires so much creative energy. There is also a link below to "Stormslegacy Pets" which isn't 100% finished yet, but has some fun items like the "Goat, cheese board"

We aren't going to put up a donation link since the point of this blog is to share our learning, not to make money. If you'd like to help us in other ways, we would welcome help, and you can contact us at Mostly helping spread the word about the Lady of the House's art so she can start doing more commissions, selling her prints, and getting illustration jobs as she comes out of the rough part of pregnancy.

We're sorry to be asking for help in this forum, but given what's happening we're sort of in a tight spot, so right now we needed to use every ounce of signal boost we can get. Thank you all for anything you can do.

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  1. Glad to see Michelle's work here. Definitely not the focus of the blog, but her work is SO gorgeous. I'd never seen this last one in the post! What sizes of prints do you offer?