Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A merry chase

I figured today was a good day for baby bunny photos, unfortunately I forgot that when trying to get photos on a rainy day you A: need to be out of the woods, and B: a corollary, you need a second pair of hands. The Lady of the House is out of town right now since she was selling at Otakon this past weekend. This promptly led to a game of find the blue gray 2 week old rabbit in the tall grass and raspberry bushes. Before doing the cut, I assure those of you who just came for the baby bunny photos, all turned out well, and no babies were harmed, and there will be more (well, one more) photo below the cut.

So the larger of the two shortly after this photo took a flying leap off the edge of the unfinished hutch I was getting photos on for lighting. As a note, when you're not thinking clearly and are tired from not sleeping well you don't remember that snap reaching 3 feet to accurately grab a full speed baby rabbit won't happen. Here's a tip from experience, you probably wouldn't make a 3' grab accurately across a half built hutch when you're not tired, at least not every time. I did get the smaller one as it made the same dash, I just didn't get Both of them. The second part of my morning after rabbit feeding and photos involved finding a small rabbit who was smart enough to not move most of the time. Eventually I did locate the baby, and get him back to a very huffy grunty Twilight who threatened me with bodily harm for touching her babies as normal. I was glad to get photos, but I definitely have been missing in all things the Lady of the House. It is especially noticeable when I'm doing tasks around the house/homestead that usually are a two person task. In the mornings I wake up, shower, and the animal chores take a good 10 - 15 minutes longer without her around, baby bunny photos are clearly much more difficult. And just missing having my partner around in general, she'll be coming back tomorrow though.
 So a quick touch on what I've been doing otherwise, the garden has gotten out of control, and this weekend I tried to get some weeding done. I did about 6 hours of weeding, and it can be hard to feel like you have made a difference with how bad we (specifically I) let it get. The Lady of the House usually since she works fewer hours handles primary weeding just doing a little bit a day, and a few hours a week. Being 7 months pregnant, she unsurprisingly can't do that right now, bending over is painful, and getting up is difficult. That task should be falling to me, and I've let it slip. I got a lot of the golden rod taken care of, and pulled the thorny weeds out from the tomato plants that are on the verge of producing for us. While I was at it I found a very pretty snake sunning itself. I left that patch of weeds alone and let it be comfortable where it was sunning as you can see.

I'm sorry for the inconsistent nature of the posts lately, there's been some job upheaval lately, and I am in a new job in the learning phase. Things are going well, but I'm up an hour earlier, and home an hour later which has ended up making me feel sort of off all evening because I haven't yet adjusted to the proper sleep schedule. I'm hoping once the Lady of the House is back I'll be able to get back to a more normal sleep than I have been getting, so look forward to a post on Thursday, hopefully with better and more photos!

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