Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Mostly) Growing babies

 The babies are growing well for the most part. All except for the one I mentioned before. I'm not sure why he isn't thriving, but we have started trying something to get him growing.

Left sitting on the feeder you can see the little one who is having trouble growing. Dawn put him up there this morning where he happily ate. To try to help him out we've filled the little gray crock you see upside down with 18% protein food in hops that at that height it'll be easier for him to eat so he can start packing on the grams. The reason we're concerned is his weight has been steady for a while now and is falling again.
11/19: 168
11/20: 171
11/21: 178
11/22: 176
11/23: 171
11/24: 173
11/26: 182
11/27: 174
11/28: 178
11/29: 167

The other babies are growing hugely quickly, and without his influence they'd have a good average growth rate. With him included their growth rate is nearly flat as a whole which is startling given that the largest baby right now is 385 grams. For your reference the weight chart is here. Current Babies Weight Chart Those of you that read it can see the huge spread in weights.
Aside from making food more accessible for him we are thinking about bringing him personally some kitten formula since I think that he's old enough if he gets some extra food he will be ok. Obviously the Lady of the House and I are fairly concerned about him. If you look closely at the picture Above you can see that his eye isn't fully open. We cleaned it off because it had gunk on it, and it was open fully as of when we left today.

One of the nice things about this litter in general is that they are very friendly and willing to come out and interact with everyone. You can see in all of the pictures of them how oriented they are on us. It's a nice change from the previous litter that was scared of everything due to one baby who was scared and set them all off.

Left and Below are photos of what our front yard looks like today. Unfortunately the phone camera I was using didn't capture the falling snow flakes drifting lazily down. It's been on and off a scattering of snow flakes for the past week or so which is actually kind of nice. It isn't the crazy smashings of snow that we got last winter, it just ends up with waking up in the morning and going to bed to perfect snow frosted trees, most of which melts off by the time I get home from work.

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