Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Moves Quickly!

Life has been moving quickly lately, and a lot has been having to get done quickly. In the list of things that have been going on, we have started the next round of breedings.
Dawn was the first to get bred yesterday evening when we got home. We tried to breed Sunny first, but she refused to accept Umbra so we just swapped Dawn in. We learned that Dawn really doesn't like being taken out of her hutch after dark, it scares her badly so we are going to try to avoid doing that in the future!

Having bred Dawn now, we will be taking her babies out about time to put the nesting box in with her. That should give her kits plenty of time with mom, though it won't give her the recovery time we usually intend to give. The reason we chose to do a re breeding this quickly is two fold. First, we want to get another litter in before it gets cold enough that there is a good chance of a hard freeze killing the kits before they can keep warm. Second, we'd like to have both Sunny and Dawn giving birth around the time that Twilight gives birth the first time in case there is any problem.
Our initial intention was to breed Sunny first since she seems to have a longer gestation period, and sometimes refuses breeding. As is obvious, she refused breeding so she will be second being bred on Wednesday. Friday we will be breeding Twilight. If things work out as we expect and hope Dawn will give birth, then Sunny, then Twilight. That way we can foster around kits as needed with relative ease.

The other thing that has been eating my time other than the obvious, work, is working on the Studio. We finally have the electrical in the studio to the point we can get it inspected! Right now we are just waiting on said inspection so we can start using the space. We can't get the final inspection until we can afford to have the wood stove put in, but we can let the artists work before that.

Cleaning out the drywall dust has been a nightmare, and I had no idea how to deal with it. Fortunately I have the habit of asking just about everyone I know if they are aware of some solution to a problem. In this case it was my step father. As an architect of many decades experience as well as being experienced in construction he was my best hope for answering this, and he didn't disappoint. He turned my attention to something called a sweeping compound. Sweeping compound is effectively sawdust impregnated with something to help pick things up and damp down dust. I ended up using the oil based one because that was all I could locate. I had hoped to use the green version of it, but was unable to locate it locally.

I can personally speak well to the one I used, it certainly cleaned up the drywall dust effectively! It is nasty stuff and you shouldn't leave it lying around or where animals can get at it. If you need dust picked up though it will do the trick quite nicely!

Finally, the tomatoes. My goodness do tomatoes take a lot of water to keep healthy. Of the 13 tomato plants I put in the ground, 3 are dead, and 4 have tomatoes on them. Right now we are just hoping to get enough tomatoes on the vine to save seeds for next year, and maybe have enough to eat. If we get anything more than that I consider that a bonus!

On the random side on the way to work this morning the Lady of the  House and I stopped by a place that had free stuff out front as left overs from a yard sale. One of the things there, I promptly took and insisted on giving the woman there something for it given that it is nearly exactly what we were looking for.

No it isn't a sword blade with a messed up tang, it's a scythe blade. From the looks of it an old one. I don't know how to properly rehabilitate it, but with some care it looks like this could be a great asset to our homestead!

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