Friday, August 10, 2012

Late Post, Quick Hit: HH SunBurst

Thursday's post is a bit late, I apologize.  Many things were going on this week.  Michelle in today, Coureton will return next week =)

We thought we'd update with some photos of how the male we pulled is growing.

More pics below the cut!

He is the largest kit from Sunny's first litter, pulled for several reasons.  One, his growth rate was higher than pretty much every other kit and since he was only one of two white rabbits, the other being the runt, he is one we can be certain about when we say this.  Two...unexpectedly, Sunny threw white kits.  Assuming all of his other genes are to be expected, he will not be introducing any funky colors into our American lines.  With care, he can be bred to an American Blue.  When Sunny's last litter was so large, it made us realize the production value she could bring to a line of cross-breds, with careful breeding we could enhance the Americans we have, since we do not have much access to unrelated stock at this moment. 

He is actually quite friendly, though he has a little of his mother's shy qualities, as you can see here.

He inherited a decent topline, as you can see in this pic, though he's not stacked out.  It's not that hard to imagine that with some careful pairings we could get a good American topline from this beginning, especially given that he's not quite an adult yet and still has growing to do:

If nothing else, we figure it's a good learning experience =)

Our first question is whether or not he carries a dilute gene. There is a 50/50 chance, and no way to know without pairing him with a homozygous dilute mum (read: Twilight).  While we could get a dilute after another generation even if he isn't, we're not sure it's quite worth that hassle, so we shall see.  We were considering with-holding a name until that time, but he's been with us long enough now that he's earned one...that and we can't keep calling him the stud-double forever.

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