Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy Day Rabbit Pictures

 As Dawns litter starts coming out of their nest, Dawn gets more and more stoic. Eventually she'll start coming up to us with this look like, "When are they leaving?" The picture Above is one of my favorites that the Lady of the House got lately.

It's been a crazy few weeks, and I'm a little fried so today, cute bunny pictures with commentary is the order of the day. Left is the  position of give me milk mom. It's hard to really catch in a photo the hilarity of a baby rabbit taking a flying dive under mom and twisting around to try to get a teat before she kicks them off and hops away. In this picture they're about to get scattered like bowling pins.

Another common pose for Dawn on the Right with her flopped over, and the babies poking at her. All I can think of is "Mom, hey mom, mom, mom mom mom!"

Some of the  babies still spend more of their time than not in their nest Below. It's quiet, dark, and full of nesting material. They'd had a full box before but decided it was more fun to go over the 2x4s to the back and hide behind the box on bare cardboard.
 Because of that we went ahead and took out the box, putting the unsoiled nesting material on new cardboard for health and safety of all involved. For the most part they seem to enjoy their new home just as much as the way it used to be arranged. Mostly though, you will now see the babies out. They are trying new things. Below Right and Left are pictures of the babies trying out hay. For scale, a 2x4 is actually 3 1/2" tall.

The hay is what the babies always start off by trying. Whether that is because it is easier for them to understand eating, or because it's difficult for them to get to the feeding trough I'm not sure.

These two photos I just thought were cute. Right the baby looks to just be exploring the rock we put in for texture and keeping cool. Very quickly though the babies get interested in just about anything moving. In this case, the camera as you can see Below

The Lady of the House also got this great photo of Twilight. Remember how lanky she looked when she first came to us. That sort of awkward teenager phase of being a rabbit. Now she is a dignified, big adult and looks great. Her first breeding will be some time soon.

Dawn Litter 2 Weight Chart

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  1. Lovely photos! Can't go wrong with bunny pix, if you ask me :)