Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Hit: Rabbit Genetics

I'd intended to post about building the hutches today with pictures. Unfortunately I appear to have forgotten to upload the pictures the lady of the house took of me working on the hutches. I want to actually do a post on building the hutches another time with those. Due to my failure to properly plan I'll give a few links to the information the lady of the house has been reading about rabbit genetics in preparation for picking up the rabbits on Wednesday. I'll leave a post on genetics to her since she knows what she is talking about, and I do not.

An easy to understand article on color genetics in rabbits.

A primer on rabbit color genetics over all that was a bit dense for me as someone who hasn't really learned more than Mendelian genetics, but understandable.

An article specific to American Blue Rabbits. Or buck will be a Black, American Blue is why this was of specific interest to us.

Thursday will have pictures of the three breeders we will be picking up then, and after that I will talk about the process of building the hutches and some of my learning experiences.

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