Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Indoor Workspace

I need an indoor work space. Not a space to use my computer inside, though that is necessary given using computers. I need a place I can build things inside, work on mechanical bits, have tools laid out, and a work bench. This has become very apparent to me as I have been working on the rabbit hutches. I should be finishing up all 4 of the hutches I need done immediately, tomorrow at the latest. That isn't going to happen.  Some of that is because of things coming up that had to be dealt with, but in large part it is because if it rains, and when night falls, I can't do any work.

What Do I Need?
I need a space big enough to put a carpentry project of reasonable size, let's say one of the rabbit hutches and still move around.
Have a full sized work bench that I can place projects on and store them under.
Have my tools set up for easy use including having space for a miter saw.
Have light for working after dark, sufficient that I'm not constantly fighting my shadow.
It needs to be enclosed enough that I'm not unable to work in bad weather.
There has to be access to the outside that is big enough to get projects in and out of with relative ease.
It needs to have enough power available to be able to power various tools.

What Do I Want?
A tall ceiling so I can manipulate big projects with ease.
Enough space to move around easily with projects in the space.
Space enough to store projects in progress that are long term.
Running water.
Storage for paints, solvents, etc.

What Is Likely?
Once the studio is done and we can clear the garage out, it is likely that I will be able to take over part of the garage and use that as my workshop. Alternatively the downstairs area that used to be an in house garage. The only problem with that is the standard sized door which would make it unusable for the rabbit hutches anyhow.

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