Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thoughts about sustainability and Transylvania.

Over this past weekend my father and stepmother visited, and beyond just having a good time with them, and spending a lot of time with the Critter we had some interesting conversations. One of them was how much easier it is to do what we're trying to do here in Romania, specifically in Transylvania. My step mother is from Transylvania, and she and my father live there over the summers, and it is fascinating to hear about the differences in how life works there. I suspect she isn't wrong, that it would be easier to be a small farmer there than it is here, especially given how the villages are organized.

There is an interesting video online about how different the area is, and how important the sustainability that it still maintains as a holistic system is. The specific part of this video that I think folks would enjoy listening to is Prince Charles speaking to the interviewer starting at 7:45 in this video.

I think that Prince Charles's point is very well put, and I agree that we really do need to learn that Agri-Industry isn't the only answer. Sorry for the short post, but I think that Prince Charles said what I'm thinking about this.

Of course, maintaining that lifestyle gets harder and harder every day, though it is increasingly important that it is more focused on.

I'd love discussion if folks have thoughts on this.

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