Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quick Hit: More chicken pictures

The Lady of the House had gotten some  great photos of the chicks being sheltered, and out and about yesterday and had promised to share them today. I had to leave this morning without the image files, and with the Critter being up all night I didn't have them 'till just now. So here's more cuteness with chicks than the photo earlier, which I'm including just because
As you can see despite the chicks being adventurous, they're still learning a lot from mom, and not being full sized they still can't handle the weather that we're getting right now without help. I personally love seeing them stick their heads out to look at the world while staying warm with her help. One of the things that's been a constant lately is them going back into the coop without a problem at dusk so I'm not chasing them around. Now that they're relaxing more I want to spend time sitting with them to get the chicks used to me so they don't run from me when I go to pick them up if I have to. It's not something I got to do with the hens we have, but they're still fairly relaxed at this point. Before our next batch of chicks though I do think I need to do something about the ability of chicks to freely enter and exit the run they're in. It'll probably come down to putting more chicken wire around the base, and then piling old wood so it actually blocks them in. It may be a more urgent thing that I'm thinking of right now because as I mentioned earlier today, there appears to be a hen that may be broody, we shall see this evening.

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