Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy rabbits eating greens.

It's the time of year where the rabbits can be fed mostly, if not exclusively on greens from the yard. I've been putting as much greenery in the hutches as I can, though I probably shouldn't have started with the favorites and moved to the less favorite as I have. Favorites right now are plantain and raspberry/blackberry plants. They eat the raspberry and blackberry stems and all, barely anything was left of the stems even except the woody center. I'm being very careful about what goes into the hutches this year because of a couple of reasons. First is last year when I accidentally poisoned a hutch of babies, and caused the deaths of a couple, the other is a friend with rabbits who has recently started having kits die off on her, sounding like poisoning. Being careful seems to work out, and the greens save money And make the rabbits happy at once, double win. 

I'm going to be moving the kits into the growout hutch shortly which is going to be good for the parents. With Dawn having her daughter with her she isn't going to have the sad face she usually has when her kits are taken away for a few days. Due to timing we haven't gotten another breeding in yet, which is good for them but not so good for our freezer load. We'll just go ahead and breed when we have time when I will be home both morning and night to get in two spread out breedings which has worked out best for us over the years. If nothing else within next week even if we have to just do single breedings that's what we'll do.  One thing I'm very happy with is that most of Twilights kits have been getting more friendly despite the one freakout bunny that still screams and runs for no reason that I can discern. Either way, we have a lot going on with the rabbits that hasn't been mentioned here that much. Part of that of course is the other things going on, and delays in some really important things to finish urgent things.
The urgent things of course partially includes finishing up the last of the removal of materials from the homestead farm I helped break down. This is some of the materials we have brought home, and we're going to need to reorganize a lot of it, remove nails from some of it, and use as much as we can! As you can see here we have a lot of 2x4s, a few pre-built stud walls that I can just put up, and in the back behind other things is a bunch 12" wide boards, and plywood. First things first has to be the new chicken coop because we're going to be picking up 3 chicks from a friend's classroom chick hatching project this evening, and we're hoping for some of the eggs to hatch in the incubator. Right now there are too many chickens in the coop as is, though with their out time isn't a big deal yet. With more, it'll be a problem soon. Especially as the chicks grow. That reminds me that we're going to have to figure out how old is wise to butcher the chicks we aren't going to keep, read, the male chicks.

Unfortunately we're concerned that none of the eggs in the incubator are going to hatch. When turning the eggs last night, the lid didn't get put fully back on due to the Critter yelling and having to run. It stayed like that for ~3.5 hours, which could mean the eggs got too cold to properly hatch. We're going to continue incubating, and see what happens. It's just a few weeks to wait and better to just keep trying for now. The turning of the eggs only takes a few minutes a day, so we'll keep you all updated and show you the coop building soon.

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