Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick hit: Big kits, shy kits, and snowy wood

It's another short post since I'm working too many hours. Some of Sunshine's kits are coming out to explore from time to time, but are very skittish due to lack of handling. Otherwise they're growing well.
Something drew the attention of Twilight and all of her kits when I was out there this morning. Not sure what it was, but they were all focused on it. They're getting big, I think it's about time to butcher them all out when I have a couple hours. Probably next week. Some nice big kits though. Halley and Comet's kits are also getting big, though as usual not quite As big as Twilight's kits. Interesting note though is that the kit we fostered over to Twilight you can see in the top left is the same size as Twilight's kits despite being from Halley and Comet.

 The price of unfinished tasks is upon us as snow has covered the wood piles. It means bringing wood in sooner to dry it in front of the fire rather than being able to just have it out there and get what we need. Ahhh well. Next year there will be a wood shelter. It's been nice coming home from work to a fire warmed house though, it is much nicer than coming home to my mandated 55 - 60. But, we're managing our wood pile well so we should have plenty for the rest of the winter at least. Well, as long as we don't get a mini ice age going here which isn't in the predictions. So, that's all for now. I'll try to have some substance for you next time, maybe talking about fatigue, cold, and pain management, and how it relates to homesteading.

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