Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All sorts of new!

So many new things I wasn't sure what to start with so I defaulted to baby rabbits, even if it is blurry. Sunshine's litter is all alive and well, and have opened their eyes! I missed my favorite day of them with eyes half open. It's been a busy few days since the last post before Thanksgiving thus all of the new!

Next on the new list is actually really exciting despite it being a fairly small thing as experienced people see it. First egg from our chickens came yesterday, and though it's hard to tell from the photo, it's blue. We're pretty sure it came out of our smallest chicken, Dora. She was very very grouchy when I went to take it, and I ended up using the cleaning stick to get at it since she was about to peck me, and I don't enjoy being whacked by chicken beaks even if they  usually don't break the skin. I don't know how many we'll see from her before she knocks off for the winter, but hey, it's something! Now the trick is keeping them alive over winter to start laying promptly next spring. With the weather I've been having a hankering for the concept coop built half underground again, but without the backhoe that's an awful lot of work.

Anyway, NEXT new news! Obviously as we said we were getting the new Cremes are in. We ended up having to pick them up from the transport at 5 in the morning due to awful weather delaying the person who was generous enough to drop them off on the way to her parents house for Thanksgiving. That did however mean Thanksgiving day we woke up at 04:00, drove 35 minutes to pick them up, drove back, verified the security of the divider we put in the growing out hutch, got them all settled, then went back to bed and slept in 'till 10:00. It was a very late morning for us. I actually can't tell you which girl is which yet. One of them already had a name when she came to us, Streak. The other did not, and is still in debate what her name will be. The boy came to us with the name Herbie. Above Right and Right are the two girls who are very good looking and have adapted to their new spaces well. The one on the shelf basically doesn't leave the shelf now that she's found it, and then the one on the wire of the hutch doesn't seem to understand the shelf at all. It's kind of funny how differently they behave. So far they're still on crock water and haven't quite figured out the waterers for day to day use, though they both tend to mark the water bottle spouts when they get put in, and get offended when they get wet, so hopefully they'll figure it out soon. Hopefully not with Twilight's method of grabbing and jerking on the water bottles. Below is Herbie. He is currently inside because timing and weather meant I didn't get a new hutch done in time to have everything shifted around and have him outside from the beginning. So for now he's inside in a dog crate. He seems to enjoy being a bunny loaf in what we'd set up to be the litter box, pooping everywhere But the litter box, and screaming "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" and throwing his food dish scattering the food far and wide, then soaking what he's thrown on the floor of the hutch in urine. In short, he's male.
All in all, all three of the new rabbits are VERY good looking rabbits, and we look forward to seeing what sort of babies they produce. We're going to be planning out their breeding carefully from a genetics perspective, and we're also going to probably need hutch cards soon since we now have 4 Creme does.
Oh, and for reference, here's the state the new hutch is at in construction. It may not seem it but the hard/time consuming part is done. Now I just have to get the roof, sides, and doors on. I'm probably going to try building a fun shelf area because I'm enjoying that part of hutch building lately. Oh, and the dog because he would NOT get out of my way for the photo, and insisted on "standing in a noble" pose directly in the way. So for now, stay warm, dry, and have a great day.

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