Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ice Clad World

The up side, ice clad grass is gorgeous. The down side, if there's ice clad grass while it's still raining constantly that means there is ice EVERY where else. Getting up the driveway last night in a light car was a real adventure!

I also thought that our stream was very pretty, sadly the IPad isn't a very good camera and I'm not as good a photographer as the Lady of the House. It's hard to tell in this but the stream is running full force with the only things that aren't iced over being the grass that's in the stream. I slacked off on clearing out the stream at the end of fall because usually I'd be able to deal with re clearing the stream once all of the grass had died before the big rain/snow melts are a problem. Unfortunately (?) the grass never died! Anyhow, the snow and ice are gorgeous, in twilight it's gorgeous and glitters like walking among the stars. That said, the rabbits aren't fans of it, and the last remaining of the tweaky rabbits is freaking out constantly every time sheets of ice fall out of the trees.
The current litter on the other hand is doing just fine. They've gotten big enough that the fatass contingent kicks their own mom off the big feeder. She doesn't seem to care overly much due to the high number of feeding spots in the hutch.

I have a lot to talk about, and plenty of ideas of what to say about things like seed saving, plant breeding, rabbit space, chickens (YAY Planning!), food politics, etc. Unfortunately this is the week before Christmas (Oh god, I still need to buy presents!) and I work in a warehouse for an internet company. So all in all, I have zero energy left. I hope to have something of more substance for Thursday, but let's be honest here. I'll do what I can do. I will have a post up, but when I'm working 90 + hour weeks it may not be great!

Hope everyone is healthy, happy, safe, and warm. If you're in our area, drive safe, the roads are unpleasant.

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