Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We've got babies!

 To the left you can see one of the babies from the first litter This little one is 66 grams, and rather active for all that he or she doesn't have eyes open yet! I came home from dropping the Lady of the House off at work, and found Dawn in the nesting area looking a little stunned, and when I got her to move, a pile of baby bunnies covered by an awful lot of fur. Dawn herself was amenable to me checking in on the babies, and didn't bite me, or make any advances at me when I did go in and check.

Below the cut are some pictures of Dawn cleaning herself off from the blood from the birth, and a few more pictures of the same baby. I didn't want to bother too many of them in this weather.

 On the Left you can see Dawn cleaning herself off after giving birth, I couldn't get a good front shot of how much blood there was so I got one from underneath that you can see Below.

 The same big baby sitting in my hand, I couldn't get a very good shot while also holding the baby given how much movement there was. You can at least tell that the baby is the size of my hand or there about.
Another general shot of the baby size on the Left with the baby trying to suckle on my finger. On the Right you can see the level of activity. Unfortunately it's not a good enough picture to be worth blowing up too far, it's even more blurry thanks to being surprised by the movement.

Last but not least, Below you can see a picture of the nest with some of the fur cleared off the babies.


  1. Where is all the fur from? Has she just been saving it up the whole pregnancy?
    And, congrats on becoming a Bunny Grandfather! :-)

    1. She pulled all of that fur out over the past couple days before giving birth. The fatty looking part of her neck under her mouth is specifically for that.

      And thanks!

  2. They're so cute! I can't wait for them to be cute AND delicious!