Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Baby Bunnies Yet

I was holding off on writing a post in hopes of getting photos this morning of baby rabbits in the nest. Unfortunately that isn't yet the case, or at least wasn't when the Lady of the House and I left this morning for work. Instead, Dawn is still rotund and grumpy, and the nest is still empty.  So instead of pictures of pink baby bunnies, and likely a bleeding hand from trying to move Dawn, here is Dawn in all of her joyful glory. Below the cut are pictures of the nest.

 On the left you can see the cardboard box we put in to give Dawn a comfortable place to nest in given that I don't have the right nails to build a proper nesting box. As you can see she chewed through the box and made a tunnel out of it, which she seems to be happy with. On the right you can see the nest she made. Not sure if she's finished making it yet, but that's quite a lot of hay in there that she's not eating. Given that she is an avid eater of hay, we are impressed at the quantity back there.  The little tufts are some of her fur she has been lining it with.

According to most  sources we can expect to have a small litter for her first litter, and to have most of them not make it, especially given that it's fairly cold. Apparently most does no matter how good of a mother they turn out to be don't quite know how to handle the first litter. From my perspective that generally makes sense. Instincts or no experience counts for quite a lot, especially in raising litters of babies. We are hoping that we'll have some survivors from this litter, but we don't have the highest of expectations.

Hopefully by Thursday we will have a post with baby rabbits in it!                                

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