Thursday, January 26, 2012

Discussion: Why Homesteading?

The lady of the house and I were talking about homesteading and how it was a great conversation starter. There seem to be quite a significant number of people who want to homestead, dream of doing it, or are at least conscious of it and interested. I was wondering why homesteading was such a broad ranging idea. I've been thinking about a few reasons I'm guessing it is and would love to hear what you all have to say.

* The American Pastoral Myth: The myth of the pastoral America seems like a big one to me. The myth of the pastoral America is something I should leave to the lady of the house to properly go in to, but it's prevalent.

* Increasing awareness of our failing resources: As this century continues, it is becoming more and more clear that without active conservation we will just not have the resources to live, much less prosper and I think awareness of that pushes people towards the self reliance Homesteading seems to offer.

* The cycle of simplicity: Children from rural towns move to the city to pursue their dreams where things are faster, brighter, and less simple. Children who have grown up in the complex city life with the overwhelming sounds and sights find their solace and homes where things have different complications and beauty. This wouldn't be a factor for everyone, but I'd be willing to bet it is for a good few.

* Ethics: For the lady of the house and I this is a big one. As we learn about the abuses associated with our food and luxuries we have wanted to move away from these excesses and live a life we are ethically comfortable with.

We've talked on this blog about why we do it, but why do you do it or want to?

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