Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Status Update 12/20/2011

Where are we in life on this hillside as we work towards being a homestead?

We have acquired the floor wire for the rabbit hutches, and I need to get the materials to make the rest of the hutches so we can get our breeder rabbits from Michelle Chandler. Ideally we will get the rabbits off her hands sooner rather than later so she isn't having to feed and deal with them for longer than she has to. We have fully settled on the hutch designs which I should fully draft and post on the blog. It will be a 3' by 4' hutch that is 3 - 4' high.

In regards to chickens we are in the midst of re researching and doing some potential re planning depending on our research. The lady of the house found a chicken farm that raises chickens in a "French" style. It is a variant of free range, mixed with mobile coops situated in a wooded area for overhead cover. That will be a post all its own once we have done sufficient research to know what we are talking about. That said, it is an interesting idea and given our land it may be functional.

The Studio:
The studio isn't quite done yet. We need to get the lighting and heating in, and at that point it will be inhabitable. It won't be perfect but it doesn't need to be. We just need to get it done at this point. The trick is getting in there while we have light and I have someone else around. I don't like working on electrical work or up on a ladder without someone else there. This is especially complicated due to me getting a new job.

The lady of the house is secure in both of her normal jobs, while also keeping up on her art business despite the studio not quite being finished yet. While I have been under employed she's been keeping us afloat money wise. That said, work is going to be both better and more complex as I just got a full time job. The schedule is going to be interesting as we are shifting from being headed out for work at 8:00 AM to 6:00 AM. I am starting to think I'm going to need lights covering the area the rabbits and chickens will be for the early morning chores!

The Holidays:
The holidays will be a bit of a busy time for us. We will be visiting the lady of the house's family for Christmas Eve, and my father and step mother will be coming to visit Christmas Day. For my mother and step father we will be having Christmas on New Years Eve. Between that and my new job, I plan to not post the 27th and 29th so I'm not trying to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So, I hope everyone has a pleasant holiday season what ever they celebrate.

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