Friday, July 1, 2016

Luna moths, leaving rabbits.

I'm always glad to see the arrival of our first Luna Moths, they are a beautiful if fragile species with a short visiting time. To me they have a lot of the charm of fireflies except during the day instead of dusk and night. They are also incredibly sensitive to pesticides so they only survive in areas without any real pesticide use. To me they are a sign of living in a healthy environment.

In the realm of rabbits we're moving quickly in getting them moved out. So far Dorado and Starry Night have moved out, and are at their new homes. One of the new homes is taking hutches with rabbits, so one of the hutches is already gone with more soon to be gone tonight, and this weekend. If scheduling goes as expected we won't have rabbits on the property by July 4th. The sooner we can get the hutches out of here the better of course, that way we can start cleaning up the areas they were, and making things look more "normal" than homestead in the woods.

I will say it definitely threw me off this morning to see the hutch next to the wood pile just, gone. Of course, that one's in the driveway waiting for another truck run since getting the first hutch out of the woods took a long time and a lot of work. I'm definitely getting a feel for just how much more solid my hutches are than most. For where we are that's been a good thing, but since I mostly built them in place I haven't experienced the joys of heaving them around more than few feet at a time. The hutches aren't That heavy, the problem with moving them is that at over 6' tall they're very top heavy and are easy to lose control over. We didn't drop a hutch, but it took 3 of us almost 20 minutes to get it out of the woods and onto a pickup truck. Sunday we're looking forward to having more help from stronger folks!

The Go Fund Me has paused for the moment, but the other forms of help have been continuing to come in. Selling off the rabbits and the hutches is bringing in some money. Along with that we're selling the viable materials from when I did the work disassembling a friend's barn which is making a little more. Step by step with help from friends, and community we're getting things normalized and hope to work this out so when we move, we'll be able to continue at least limited homesteading.

Thank you all for your kindness, generosity, and the continued support from the patreon supporters.

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