Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quick Hit: Quitting Rabbits.

The Summer Solstice has come, and it is a time of changes. This is the best time of year in Cummington, and when we most love where we live and homesteading. Given that, I feel that it is also an ideal time to make decisions about things that are tough to decide because we aren't tainted by the fact that winter is rough.

We've decided it's time to move away from raising rabbits for meat. The primary reason to move away from it is, I am getting to the point I just can't really take doing the killing. It's too stressful to me to regularly be giving the rabbits the care I feel the deserve on an ethical level, and also be able to kill them. Part of it is the frequency it has to be done, but part of it is, I just think I'm not cut out for doing it since I don't literally HAVE to to survive. There are other choices we can make to have ethical food, and we're just going to have to do those instead.

I'm a little disappointed that we aren't going to be able to continue doing rabbits, but there is more than enough in the way of other things to do.

For now we're going to start de-acquisitoning our herd and getting rid of the hutches, because the rabbits and hutches both are in good shape.


  1. That sounds hard. I'm glad you were able to make a decision, and not just try to ignore it. Good luck with the chickens!

  2. A good decision. Farming should be pleasureable in spite of the hard work. I could never raise animals for food, either.