Thursday, May 12, 2016

Growing and recovering.

One of the particularly unfair parts of parenting is something called sleep regression. It's when your kid (who never really slept well) stops wanting to sleep at all. The result of this is that I've been living in a fog for a few days. That has impeded us doing much of anything because between trying to get the kid to sleep, and day to day work nothing is getting done. That said! There are things happening. For one, the asparagus is doing very well. Most of the asparagus has come up and is doing well. To fill out the asparagus patch we've been advised to take the red berries they will sprout later and plant them to thicken the bed, which I look forward to doing. There is a lot that's going on though, especially with the weather as warm as it is, though we're still getting frosts at night not infrequently.

One of the big things I'm excited about is that the seedling swap for the Hilltown Seed Saving Network is this Saturday at the town hall where we live. It's always a great time for swapping plants, and chatting with good folks. We learn a lot while we're there and have a good time. This year we are going to again have a lot of tomatoes and peppers to trade, and are hoping to pick up summer and winter squash though they don't transplant very well. We're starting to get our seedlings used to being outside by giving them an hour outside today, 2 - 3 hours tomorrow, and then they'll be outside at least 4 hours on Saturday. One of the things we've done in the past is have our seedlings far too big by the time we go to the seedling swap, this year it may be the opposite, we did start our seedlings a bit late which happens. For the most part our seedlings are doing well except in areas that got bad watering which is my fault. I'm going to be in the future making sure to rotate the seedling tray to avoid the kinds of problems with dry spots in the future. A properly leveled area is important for the bottom watering we do, and we didn't do that well enough this year. Things to try for the future.
Also figured I'd give folks a photo of Boris to show you how well he's doing. He's still not thrilled about how things are going, and is still moving slowly, but he's up on his feet and walking around normally for the most part. Sometimes he tumbles, and if he gets up the hill and gets too tired to continue he'll roll down the hill, which is kind of funny for such a normally dignified rooster. For %100 recovery we'll see if it's possible, but he's more recovered than we had really expected. We're not sure if he's breeding his hens at this point, so we're going to have to see him mounting one to know if he can do that part of the job. It is impressive though to see him bounce back though, and he's now well enough that I'm not checking on him multiple times per day.
Boris isn't our only convalescent right now of course. Rico is healing up very well, and thinks he's fully healed enough that we should let him go running around. Of course, the fact that he still has staples in makes him running around forbidden. Good luck explaining to a high energy dog that he can't run around. Tomorrow we're going to be bringing him to the vet to get his staples out and get checked to see how well he's healed up. He's still limping a bit from time to time, but I'm not certain that's entirely injury related given that I've limped around a lot after recovering from injuries. I just know he's going to be happy to be able to run full tilt again, though we're going to be more careful about letting him out without seeing what's out there first!

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  1. Healed critters --- wonderful news. The asparagus looks good; I've never planted it, but I do love eating it fresh! Have a greatly blessed day as you continue your work.