Thursday, February 4, 2016

Poultry petting as the grass shows.

Yes, this is a picture from this week. In fact, it's even less winter like today than it was when these photos were taken by the Lady of the House. Of course, there is prediction that there will be snow tomorrow, and Tuesday so we'll see how that actually goes. If we actually get snow that'll be fine, if not I expect the last of the snow on the front slope garden beds to be gone entirely by next week. Either way the poultry are enjoying the green, and chances to make their way around and eat anything they can find.

The Critter has also been having a great time with the weather, and being out and about with the poultry. He's been feeding the poultry when ever he can, and they've become very comfortable with him. Not so comfortable that they're wiling to let him pet them, though he is trying. Even with him trying to pet the poultry, they are willing to let him right near them and crowd around him.
Now that it's relatively warm, and the ground is starting to be more and more available the Critter has been out and about more. Of course, what he's been doing when he isn't bothering the poultry, excuse me, feeding the poultry, is a little funny. He's finding any patch of ice he can, and trying to walk on it. If you remember from a few years ago the hugulkultur bed that got accidentally mostly disassembled, that's been providing him a big play area. That reminds me that I need to put more soil and manure on that bed to make it ready for spring planting. Given how well deep rooting plants worked in the past I'm probably going to plant deep rooted plants in it again. Given the problems we've been having with tomatoes I'm not sure if we're going to be planting them this year. If we are, this is the place they'd be going since it's a fairly ideal growing area for them.

For now though it's an excellent play area for the Critter to enjoy testing his balance, and trying to master walking on rough and difficult terrain. For a small person it's a big pile!
On the other side of the homestead are the rabbits. I know they haven't had much focus over the winter, but as we come back into spring and breeding time comes around they're going to have more focus. A number of the hutches are going to need some thorough working over, and cleaning out. One of the things that happens every winter is frozen poop causes clogs, and gums up in the wire. While it's thawed I'm going to clean out as much of that as possible, and get things clean in the hutches. I'm also going to be trying to do something to reduce the construction of wasp nests in the hutches, though I'm not sure how effective it'll be. You can see Below that Splash and Streak's hutch needs some work done on the shelf that they spend a lot of time on because it's getting warped and gross. I'm probably going to just pull the wood out entirely, burn the old wood, and rebuild the shelf.

I am actually very much excited to start breeding again this year now that the Critter has gotten to the point that I don't have to devote every ounce of energy at home to taking care of him or the Lady of the House.
Not saying that he isn't a high energy little being, but either I'm getting better at this, or he's getting more independent allowing me to focus more elsewhere. Given the weather as soon as I get each hutch cleaned out I'm thinking to get started with breeding. It is risking a sudden cold snap that would be entirely reasonable at this point, but this year we have straw, and more experienced does so I'm less worried about mass baby loss. I'll give folks updates as we get started with breedings.


  1. Yay! Rabbit updates! I've been wondering how they were doing. Reading you blog has inspired me to record my own garden adventures. This year I'm going to take on a lot so I hope it's a good read. When it gets up and running I hope you'll check it out (

    1. I'm glad to hear that you've been inspired, I'll definitely check it out. Best of luck in this next year of gardening, to good yields and strong soil.

  2. Love your photos of Critter. He's adorable. Everything's going well up there; I am so glad. I'm excitedly anticipating new chickens in March. I have made a list of the names I'm giving them and the breeds that I want. Hurry, spring! Have a most blessedly abundant and abundantly blessed day.