Thursday, January 14, 2016

There are better uses of a day, and worse.

Today has turned out a bit frustrating, but not a total waste of time. It mostly just pointed out some of the differences in how we have come to see the world from others. We were schedule to get a stove delivered today. Now to us the driveway is totally doable. Especially with the extra sanding I did to prepare it for the delivery truck. To them, with this amount of sand, and getting through to the gravel beneath for much of it, it wasn't something they would even consider. They'll try again in a week, and if they can't deliver it then, I'll tie it to a hand cart, and haul it up myself. For all that I'm frustrated though, there are other things going on, and while I hate "wasting" time off from work, other things have been done, including rest my sore back.

We finally got some snow, not a huge amount. Actually we got just enough that it was too little to snow blow, and too much to leave in place. Yesterday was spent alternating lying down with ibuprofen in front of the fire, and shoveling the driveway.  The chickens oddly enough seem to enjoy the coating of snow, and they and the remaining turkey have been out and about all day today since I have been letting them wander. I think it has to do with it being easier to move around on this snow than on the sheet ice that had been there. It's always nice to see them out and about, and trying things out. They've been locked in the run for a while because of the recent attack by predators. Today it was just too nice to not let them roam.

That said, they have been sticking closer to the house, and areas with good lines of sight than they had been recently, so I think they know that it's wiser to be safe right now, and exercising as good of a judgment as small dinosaurs can.
With the low temperatures we've been doing the water bottle rotations to keep the rabbits in liquid water as much of the time as possible. The Critter decided he was going to help us out with warming the bottles. He decided the basket we've been warming them in to keep the water off the floor wasn't sufficient, and picked up the frozen water bottles, and moved every single one of them closer to the front of the fire. He arranged them in a very specific pattern that only Critters understand, and got very upset when we moved the bottles back into the basket for the sake of our floor. I wish we'd gotten a better photo of it, but it was just too spontaneous for us to think about it more than we did. On the rabbit side of things, our primary thought right now is the cold, it's that the rabbits are getting fat! When breeding rabbits (and most anything else), being overweight isn't a positive for being pregnant. Due to that we're going to need to strictly limit rations. Ideally we'd shift them to mostly hay, but hay supply right now is hard to come by so we're going to see what we can manage.

Back to getting around the house things done in lieu of getting a stove installed!

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  1. Bless your hearts. Snow and ice and pending deliveries...

    Glad that the other turkey is doing well. I know it's been a challenging time for y'all.