Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quick Hit: Turkey taming with Critter.

Today's going to be a quick post because we've been very busy for the past couple days. The Lady of the House has been taking the Critter out to work on taming the turkeys, and that's a bit of an adventure. We want to get them more tame because we want them to come when called.
If we can get them comfortable with being close to the Critter, they'll definitely be comfortable with us. From the photos you may think that's already happening, but you'll notice my hands are on the Critter in every shot. That's because of the action you see in the shot Below. The Critter has a tough time not trying to go and pet the chicken and the turkeys. They're not a huge fan of that particular action. In fact, it's why the black turkey who clearly has a better survival sense than the others.
The Critter does however enjoy going out and throwing scratch to feed the turkeys, and watch them doing their thing. I think that as the Lady of the House and the Critter do that every day we'll be able to get a lot more friendly with the Turkeys which is going to be good. The one thing that I'm not thrilled about at the moment is the Turkeys enjoyment of perching on the car. So far it isn't harming the car, but I'd rather they not be up there. They like being up high though, so, I suspect it will continue to be as it is.

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