Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mobile kits, warm weather, and moving on despite sickness.

 Splash's kits have opened their eyes, and it's a very nice thing to see after a rough week or so here on the homestead. So far all of the human inhabitants here have been sick at least part of that time. I am sick enough that I'm home from work, and this is going to be a text light post with mostly just baby photos. What's going around isn't life threatening with modern medicine, but without it, food poisoning followed by gastroenteritis is bad news. The good news is I think we're all coming out of it.

 As you can see, the kits are out and about. It's quite warm today so they're not balled up in the warmth of the nest right now. They're just out and about cuddling with each other. With them out and about I have to finish preparing the formerly grow out hutch for Dawn's Daughter's babies since once they're moving her hutch isn't safe anymore since the floor needs repair. Nothing serious, but not something I can do with 2 adult, and 3 baby rabbits in it.

 We definitely lost a fair number of Splash and Streak's kits and we don't know why. With us sick or exhausted to the point we weren't checking weights every day it could just have been failure to thrive, but we'll have to see for next litter which we should be breeding for soon since the babies eyes are open, and it seems to be indicating it's going to be a hot summer.
The chickens are doing just fine, and other than the broody hen, they're off into the woods as seems to be their norm right now. I have 1.5 week left to build them a coop with more space since chicks + the 7 we have now will be too much for the coop they're in. Obviously I haven't done much since last week, other than more farm break down work, but I have some help coming on Thursday. I was thinking to tough it out and try to do some today but I can't stay straight upright since I feel so weak.

Last but not least, the garlic is doing well. Unfortunately with the lighting it didn't show up well but there is a lot up in this photo. I couldn't bend down because I was too light headed to do it and not fall down, so there it is. The farm chores are getting done. The Lady of the House is getting healthy as I've gotten sick so we sort of had rotating who's taking care of who going on here. It's all Kinds of fun.

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