Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quick Hit: Twilight is angry with me, and chicken on walkabout

Apologies for the late post today, it's been sort of hectic between some dental work and everything else. This is going to be something of a short post because of that. I tried to get our first breeding of the season in, but Twilight decided she wasn't having any of that.
She actually ended up screaming when I picked her up, and unsurprisingly with that reaction wouldn't lift for a buck. We'll try getting her bred again next week so we aren't having kits born when we're gone for the weekend. I actually if I'd checked my calendar properly instead of half asleep would have seen this wasn't the day I'd intended to start breeding again by a week. Ahh well, apologies to Twilight as well! We'll regain her trust with some treats, and more regular handling than she got this winter. It's just been so cold, and I've been so tired I haven't been reaching in to say hi every day, I've just been trying to get chores done and off to work. By evening I just need to rest, and spend time with the Lady of the House, and that's led to some non trusting rabbits.
This morning had another adventure, when feeding the chickens I noted we were down one Rhode Island Red, and went looking for a body. Instead I found her roosted in a slightly precarious place, that's right by the basement door. Looks like she got herself stuck there, and wasn't too happy about it. Interestingly enough she just stepped up on my arm and let me carry her back to the run, where she hopped back up on the fence and back in with the rest of the chickens. Usually with birds I expect to have to train step up to get them to do it calmly, so it was a nice if unexpected thing.

So, Thursday I'll post our planned breeding schedule for what that's worth, and some of what's been going on with our rabbits behind the scenes.

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