Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Resource management must be understood to include time, health, and rest.

Today I have no photos, and didn't really have a plan given that I'm a little fatigued and over stretched between everything else. The Lady of the House on our way in this morning recommended something as a topic, and I decided to run with it, and the title's it.

Resource management must be understood to include time, health, and rest.

This is somewhat obvious to some people, but is often ignored even by those that understand it.

This is coming up for fairly understandable reasons right now, and that is that I'm exhausted, sore, and trying to make sure I don't get sick. Sleep management is just a thing that happens with having an infant from what I can tell, and unlike wood you can't really build up a reserve per se. You just have to make sure you're getting enough of it to keep functioning. I'm having problems with that right now because, well, baby. Really it's the constant waking up and trying to go back to sleep, and while I've been getting better at that, it still means that I'm wiped out day to day which makes the health part of this a challenge.

Homesteading is a lot like active competitive sports in that you are going to get hurt, and you have to keep going and manage the injury if you can. The challenge with homesteading is that it is realistically a 4 season thing. What that has meant is prioritizing tasks, and trying to make sure I'm not over using an injury that's going to be vital in the next season for a non vital task now. For instance, a little bit back I injured my right shoulder, this is problematic because of just how many things need to be done with my right arm. Through fall since we didn't get a lot going on with gardening due to our blight troubles I babied my right shoulder since I knew I was going to need to be able to shovel during the winter. Now there's a bit of pain, but it isn't a screaming pain that prevents me from being able to do the work I need to do. I'm definitely going to need to get that shoulder back in shape so it isn't even tight and painful in the long term, but, that comes back to rest for healing, and . . . time.

Time, there's only so many hours in the day obviously, and how ever many things need to get done. Oh, and if you really want to reduce injuries being in good physical condition is important. That requires a combination of exercise, and rest both of which take time. Usually I've been fairly good at juggling the three requirements in addition to getting most other things done, but right now, I'm not doing very well at that due to Critter's requirements on top of everything else.

So in short, I need to make sure I schedule and complete time to plan and execute the blog posts and get photos since I won't naturally have time.

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