Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dawn's kits, and still waiting.

Dawn gave birth Tueseday night, and when I got home I reached in and felt around. I felt a couple moving kits, and Dawn was unhappy with what I was doing so I left her alone, and checked again in the morning. When I checked then I found one cold and dead normal kit, one dead kit with the back of it's head missing and the brain showing, and two normal healthy kits. The rabbit with the part of the skull has anencephaly which means a large part of the brain or skull missing. The Lady of the House promptly did some research, and found that there may be some correlation between tomato blight, and the kinds of birth problems we've been seeing. There is some correlation between feeding alkaline plants and the kind of problems that we've been having so we want to do more research into that.

Otherwise, we're in the same basic situation as Tuesday aside from the fact that I've harvested most of
the peppers, and we are progressively getting more done around the house for the arrival of the critter. This Saturday we are going to be doing more work around the house outside with some help from folks. We're going to be getting more wood bucked, split, and stacked weather permitting. If we have enough hands around we are going to be also getting started on rebuilding the exploded raised bed from last near that the chickens blew up. Once we get the soil back on, I'm going to add more manure and hay as per last year and see how that goes. I also need to make sure that I get hay over all of the exposed beds, though I know the chickens are going to scatter that everywhere, covering the beds to not lose the topsoil nutrients is important.

Otherwise I don't have a lot going on with the homestead right now. On a Critter front, it's kind of surprising how hard it is to find cloth diapering stuff. We have most of what we need for cloth diapering, but most stores within our price range locally don't carry diaper shells for cloth diapers. Also, I'm becoming strongly aware that I don't know how to put a diaper on. Things to look up on YouYube and get a walk through on at the hospital from the nurses when Critter arrives in full.

Oh, and a shameless use of one of my favorite pieces from the Lady of the House because she found a really awesome looking boppy for nursing help that has a cool looking fox on it.

So, barring the Critter arriving over the weekend I'm hoping to be able to post that we got a lot done Saturday! Signing off for now with this short post.

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