Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A very productive weekend

This weekend we got a huge amount done around the house and have a lot to thank people for. Unfortunately in the press of getting things done and the business of everything else at the beginning of this week I don't have any photos to share at the moment for which I apologize. So for now I'm going to list what got done because I'm a bit tired still from this weekend and early week. All of the work from Saturday was done by a group of people that I thank very much for their time and work. Also below the cut, further crazy use of our poor Fit.
  • Cleared out the dead and blighted tomatoes.
  • Put the mass of dead tomato plants into the compost pile far from the garden to reduce overwintering of the blight.
  • Butchered and cleaned Sunshine.
  • Moved Remington Steel our new blue buck into her hutch, and moved all of the kits into the now empty grow out hutch.
  • Turned the soil that the plants got pulled from. (To do: mulch those beds with rabbit waste and hay)
  • Bucked, split, and stacked 2 cords of wood. As a note this got done in 4 hours by 4 people including me. One person bucking the firewood (cutting it to length), one person splitting it (me) and 2 people transporting it from point A to point B. All of us participated in stacking it in shifts to get breaks from other tasks. The amount of work folks did to help out was amazingly helpful and we're greatly thankful for that. (remaining to do, 3 more cords of wood)
  • Sorted all of the baby clothes and items.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.

So that was our busy Saturday. Sunday we went to a birthing class that was amazingly informative. If you're going to be having a child I can't recommend the "Creative Movement for Birth" class taught by Michelle L'Esperance enough. It was a very relaxing and reassuring class that made us feel a lot better about our upcoming child. It's kind of amazing. We're going to have a child some time in the next 6 weeks. We don't feel ready for it in any sense, but from what I understand that's just the way it goes. We'd hoped to be able to can a lot of baby food for the critter from what we've been eating this year from our own garden. That just didn't work out for us for one reason or another, so we're now looking into what we can grow inside or find otherwise for when the critter starts eating solid(ish) food around April which as I've referenced before is the month of the hungry moon. 

I think there is a lot that I'm going to want to say about having children and trying to live ethically and sustainably. Right now I'm not fully ready to talk about it publicly, and am still informing myself. Right now my focus with the impending birth is that the Lady of the House and the Critter are safe as he comes into this world. 

Monday on the way home from work I brought home some of the wood that I've been splitting at a friend's house. It's kind of amazing how well the Fit works out as a wood hauling vehicle. Chalk it up to yet another in the list of things we've used our Fit for ranging from driving up our driveway in the winter to acting as a steamroller for repairing our driveway, hauling chickens, and many others. That said, getting the wood home and starting our inside pile is yet another way we're starting to acknowledge the winter that's rapidly coming on much to our displeasure. Hopefully I'll be able to get photos for Thursday, and I'll get to show you some of the amazing progress we've made thanks to help and the happy chickens destroying all they come across.

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