Thursday, June 26, 2014

We return, slightly modified.

So, last time I posted here was a little while ago. It was snowy, cold, snowy, and, well, February. We were planning for spring. Since then spring has sprung, and Summer even has shambled in recently. What's been going on since then? Well, lots of things.

Seed starting, planting too many seeds inside, expanding our indoor growing area, doing so again. The seedling swap for the Hilltown Seed Saving Network, bringing more seedlings home than we had space for, digging more space, planting too early, losing some to frost, having enough to recover from the frost, our first litter for the season.

Oh, and the Lady of the House and I finally got married. It was perfect with friends, family, and fun.

And she's pregnant.

We're actually not %100 sure we're ready for this. Scratch that, we know we're not, but we feel very lucky to have a kid on the way. We recently found out the potential salamander is in fact a male human which seems much more what we want than a salamander. We are actually thrilled that we're where we are for having a kid. Not only is there significant support for families in the hills, we can much more keep the kiddo outside, running around, and connected to the land. We've been thinking a lot about what having a kid means, and what we want the kid to learn. Obviously just due to the fact that our life is going to be changing, as this blog continues it is going to include a lot about the kid.

Right now the things that are just getting started on the homestead is, we just started the second round of breeding for the year with Sunshine breeding with our new buck Herbie, and Twilight breeding with Starry Night. Tomorrow will be another pair of does, and the same with Saturday. I promise, next post will be more about the homestead and with pictures, I just really needed to motivate myself to get going again. So, out into the garden we go.

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  1. I was wondering how you'd been. That all sounds wonderful, congratulations!