Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More snow here, and even more on the way. Spring planning.

After a brief warm up, we've got snow again. More is on the way tomorrow so Thursday we'll be able to show more deep snow beauty instead of the couple inches of making the trees pretty, and the roads terrible that we got yesterday. Even with the snow coming, it feels like spring is on the way. The smell of the air in particular smells different even though the temperatures aren't significantly different. It's something I've been peripherally aware of in the past but am much more aware of now.

We'd planned to get started with plant starts this weekend. However, we were reminded that it's a Little early for most things. Just about everything really. Part of the challenge of just getting started and learning is that we are going to have a lot to figure out. Everyone's method works out a little differently. For now though with gardening we're going to go with the best practices version of starting things. We don't have the experience to say "In our case, x will take y longer."

Things I do want to just go ahead and start, peppers. We don't have enough money to up the heat much so the peppers are going to grow SLOWLY and we want them to produce in one year, not two as we may squeeze out of the sweet habeneros. So we'll probably start those next weekend, though it's technically early. We know that we can't give them the temperature they want all of the time, but that they will grow so giving them more time and potting them up to bigger pots if we need to may be the way to go with them. Tomatoes we're just going to calculate out growing time, and start them. We want to avoid crowding the tomatoes this year, it leads to leggy plants.

The thing of real urgency this week is butchering on Thursday for Halley and Comet's litter. Then next week I'm going to have more time for a week due to job change over time. Hopefully it'll be nice enough for me to use that time to finish up the new 6' hutch. With that hutch finished we'll be well set for rabbits for this year, though obviously there's always room for improvement if I have time. But it becomes an I have time thing rather than a must. I hope to not be under the gun the entire spring and summer this year unlike last year. We'll see what actually happens obviously, but at least at this point we have a plan rather than just stumbling along with no experience.

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