Thursday, September 6, 2012

Going Full Speed

Today's going to be light on photos, and have no new photos because we've been keeping busy lately and didn't get ahead on blog stuff unfortunately.

What's been keeping us busy? Well, everything in short. Between my two jobs I'm normally fairly busy but hours have been going up on one. While that's nice in the money department, it does have its disadvantages. One of the obvious ones being not having as much time to work on homesteading and home things. For example, the next hutch isn't quite done yet. It is close, and actually at this point has all of the wire on, just needs a roof, doors, and a side. That shouldn't take too long, but we are talking limited time. In theory I will have that done by Friday so we can get a Cinnamon Doe from Michelle Chandler, and have a little extra bunny space.

Obviously the studio is slowly moving along. I actually haven't had two minutes to rub together to work on it. Well, that's not entirely true. I haven't had two minutes to rub together that I haven't been using to take a breath and relax enough to stay efficient. Anyhow, the point if the Lady of the House has been moving her art supplies into the studio making everything feel more like we're getting our stuff together and opening up the previously cluttered living room. While I'd like to be focused on finishing that, it's something I can work on over the winter where as the rabbits require attention Right Now. The only real urgent thing in the Studio I can't do myself, namely install the wood stove for heating the place. That in our area requires a specific solid fuel installation license, so I'm waiting on hearing back for that. Other than that the Studio is actually fully functional. It doesn't look so pretty, but that's ok. It is a functional space first and foremost. When I have the time to I really look forward to installing the carpet on the "Entertainment" side of the studio and getting that good to go. But again, that's something I can do in the winter when we aren't mid rush. Unfortunately we'd wanted to have a "current" post for the studio for today but were in a rush this morning.

Other day to day things that are moving along quite nicely, gardening. Unfortunately I don't have a current photo of our front step garden because the whole thing is full now! The Lady of the House has been working hard on that and we've been getting a lot of herbs growing. We even have tomato plants actually producing tomatoes. We're hoping that we get an actual crop before the first frost but aren't too hopeful. What we are planning is watching the weather, and if the weather looks too bad coming up we will try to dig up and pot some of the specific tomato plants we really want to try if they haven't produced yet. So all in all we will see about the garden.

Those of you who've read through the whole blog or have been following us for a while probably remember this. The driveway trench of death, doom, and car destruction. We don't have anything of that magnitude going on right now. However, night before last we had some brutal downpours while we slept and we woke up to a 3 or 4 inch deep starter rut in the driveway. We are calling the guy who fixed the driveway from this nightmare to see how much just dumping a load of gravel would be to keep the ruts from spreading. We just can't afford to deal with that again.

Speaking of things we can't afford, plowing! Last winter by all accounts was an easy one, and in the valley it was no big deal. We on the other hand, got a lot of snow. A few feet over the course of the winter in the valley we are next to, many many feet over the course of the winter at our house. For part of last winter we were walking up and down the driveway because it was solid ice. This winter we don't want to deal with that, and I can't physically keep up with shoveling the whole damn thing every time. It just can't happen, especially with the two jobs. We are looking into finding people to plow for us, or an inexpensive plow truck.

So that's where we are right now, with a lot of plates spinning. Trying to think well ahead so we don't suffer the same sorts of problems as last  year. I guess it is all about the learning curve! Once winter hits we start planning for our adventures next year.

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