Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The State of the Garden

Michelle in today, Coureton's putting in long hours and couldn't write the post.

We're still waiting on the next two litters of bunnies to be born, both Sunny and Dawn are very large.

In the meantime, the first litters are ever larger by the day (except when the bear visits, which stopped last week out of the blue...hopefully for good?)  here the Himi demonstrates how not to do weight checks.  She actually turned out to be our most out-going and friendly baby so far, surprising as she's out of Sunny's litter who otherwise are quite skittish. She loves to be the center of attention, even over food.

Does this make my butt look big?
We've had our first fight--very minor injuries and some fur fluffs only.  Coureton and I treated them with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin-one rabbit had a bite to the ear which started healing within hours.  Both babies involved were from Sunny's litter, which is a week younger than Dawn's so unexpected.  One was licking the wounds of the other in what seemed to be a gesture of friendship--I'm not sure what happened.

Our first slaughter is scheduled for the end of next week.  We did know this day was going to come.  Coureton and I are steeling ourselves up for it--no naming rabbits, no getting attached.  I think we can do it.

Writing the last post, I've realized that Umbra's been a little neglected in terms of photos =)  Here are some gratuitous Umbra pics.  He really is a handsome guy, and has recovered nicely from the mites.  He can be a little grumpy, so it's not unusual for him to turn his back on you unless you have something tasty or a nice female for him.  After mating, he's usually a bit nicer, I assume because he thinks he'll get more girls for good behavior ^_~ 

Oh oregano, I have failed thee.
I've also been trying to grow an herb garden.  My green onions are doing well!  Taking this suggestion,  I planted them in loose soil in a pot and have gotten 2 cuttings so far.  My basil, rosemary, thyme and a few others are also thriving.  Sadly, my oregano and sage, not so well.  Both were attacked by a green caterpillar, and then I left for a weekend and they hadn't gotten enough water.

However, today I have bought some more herbs from the local nursery, because they were giving away tomato plants and discounting others.  I wanted to reuse the pot so pulled away all the dead stems only to reveal this...

In good news, apparently plants can come back from the dead! (Even during a drought and without being watered >.>)

 Speaking of dead, my coriander is starting to have issues as well, what I can only assume are aphids are consuming under the flowers, so far they've killed off three stems.  It was the ants gathering there that made me suspicious...it looks like the 6-legged farmers have chosen my plants to pasture their pets.  I'm making up a batch of home-made pesticide using Dawn and vinegar, will post the results.

We also had picked up about three dozen tomato plants, all heirloom varieties.  We will most likely be sharing this bounty, as that's a lot of plants to add to our care on short notice!   also look forward to the beautiful chocolate mint.  I have lovely beverages planned for this baby. 

 Needless to day, we'll be spending the next couple of days' worth of free-time planting.

And last, a gratuitous shot of Coureton and our dog Rico after a hard day's labor.

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