Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Hit: Conventions

The lady of the house went and sold art at Anime Boston this past weekend. I've never done Anime Boston with her, but usually when she does cons I go and do security there and help her out. It's an obvious thing but I realized how much it would have cost if we'd both gone this weekend instead of me staying home. Now that we have a dog, and the rabbits it's no longer a quick simple once a day thing we ask a friend to come and do. Now we'd have to hire someone to come in, walk the dog, feed all of the animals, and make sure everyone's ok. That said, there are conventions we will both be going to, but we have to factor another $50 per day we are both gone. We will also have to make sure with our breeding to make sure none of the rabbits will be kindling while we are gone. Butchering can be delayed by a few days if need be, but we want to make sure we are around for births at least.

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