Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Hit: Are We Over Planning?

A question I have been asking myself a lot lately is if we are over planning. We've gone through a bunch of revisions on what and how we are going to be doing things. With rabbits we've settled on what we are doing and how, now we just have to have the driveway clear enough to get a bundle of 2x4s up so I can build the hutches. For chickens though we are in a revision phase since we have new information about a new style of raising chickens. Obviously with chickens and gardening, we can't do anything right now so that's ok. And the place I came to for are we over planning or not was, no. It's winter, this is the time for planning and preparation. If when spring hits we don't get any plants in the ground because we're thinking about where we want them too much, that's over planning. What we are doing now is working on what we can given the season. As city kids, the season has mattered to us mostly in how to dress and had very little effect on what we did other than whether it was school or not. With homesteading, it seems that what season it is will be dictating what we do in a lot of cases. Short post today because the result of a lot of thinking was a very small amount of writing. Hopefully next week we will some more substantive posts, depending on what planning and research I get done!

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